The Project

​​Unbelievable Unicorn is an NFT collection, each piece is randomically generated between 80+ images, those magic 8888 beasts are living on the ethereum blockchain and they are hosted on ipfs, the unicorn will be available to mint for a fixed price of 0.03ETH (+gas), you can purchase a maximum of 30 unicorn for Tx.


MINT 1 unicorns for 0 ETH + GAS


​​Whoever buys an NFT should do it because they appreciate the art behind it but as we try to create something l​ong term here are the plans for the future:​

  • 10%

    ​​1 ETH donation to WWF

  • 25%

    ​​1 Wicked Cranium giveaway to an unicorn holder and 1 ETH spread to 4 unicorn holders

  • 50%

    ​​1 Doge Pound giveaway to an unicorn holder and 2 eth donation to PETA

  • 75%

    ​​Giveaway of 20 framed unicorn' s pic and 10 unicorn giveaway to random holders

  • 100%

    ​1 Pudgy Penguin giveaway to an unicorn holder, start of the meme contest and merch creation (t-shirt/hat for free, you only cover shipping costs)

Our Team

Riccardo Mazzarini


​Marketing and social media Manager, he usually wears unicorn pijama

Tommaso Giorgetti


​​The developer of the project, like caffeine, coding and sees unicorn when he is drunk (everyday)

Diego Ricci


​​​The artirst behind the whole project, the most creative part of the group, without him the collection would be abstract (like his dignity)


What's Unbelievable Unicorn?

Unbelievable Unicorn is an NFT collection of 8888 characters living on the ethereum blockchain as an ERC-721 token, each character is unique and randomically generated from a selection of 80+ traits

How launch will work??

At the launch time on the site's homepage there will be a "mint" button, when you click on it you get redirected to a page where you can connect you wallet and choose the amount of unicorn you desire. After you have choose the amount simply click mint and a metamask transaction page will pop-up, click confirm and if the transaction goes thru you will get your unicorns in your wallet, and you can see them on opensea(this may take some minutes as opensea is usually overpopulated)

How can I buy the unicorns?

If the collection is not sold out you can buy from the site in the mint page, if all the unicorn are sold out you can buy off secondary market here

How much does a unicorn cost?

An unicorn costs 0.03 eth + gas, you can buy a maximum of 30 unicorns per Tx(transaction)

Unbelievable Unicorn will be revealed instantly?

Yes, Unbelievable Unicorn will be instant revealed to the owners. It may take a little while(around an hour) if opensea's api are slow

What associations do you donate to?

Our main focus is to help animals, so we have choose 2 charity foundations, they are WWF and PETA, as the roadmap says we will donate 1 ETH to WWF after the first 1000 sales and then we will donate 2 ETH to PETA at 5000 sales, in addition we will donate 50% of the royalties we get from secondary market sales every month, we will also host some auction(all the revenue will go to charity) with some 1/1 Unicorns

​Will there be any royalties?

Yes, the Unbelievable Unicorn team has setted 3% royalties on the secondary market, this has been made to cover all the costs and to donate a good amount of money every month to charity foundations